Hey you guys. On February 20th I ordered a pair of brass knuckles from blade empire.

Right after I recieved a confirmation email and reciept email. It said that normal shipping is 5 to 8 days . 8 days later it was still not there, I called them up and could not get a real person, so I left a message with my order number. Did not recieve a call back.

A couple days later I sent them an email saying that I have been waiting at the door for the knuckles and that I hope that they came soon. Also I said that I had a few other items picked out from the site ready to buy (not really tho) and that I was just waiting to get my knuckles, then I would order them. About a week later (today) March 9th thy finally arrived. I was pretty suprised they actually came, I tried to forget about them because of all the bad reviews and take it as a loss.

I've came on this site and someone said they also sent them a polite email ( even know I was pissed) and also recieved their item after that. So that's what I would try. Definetly never buying anything else from them tho. Also I recieved my knucles in USPS first class mail it was sent on March 7th and I recieved it March 9th.

So my advice.

Try a polite email saying your gonna buy more stuff whenever you get your current order. Hope this helps.

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What are you, 12? "waiting by the door for brass knuckles," wow!


Why do you need Brass Knuckles for to begin with. PEACE is the answer. LOL


I ordered a pair from them, got them in the time frame given.

The pair I received were the wrong color.

I sent 2 e-mails asking about an exchange...never heard from the again.


This place is fake. I tried canceling an order and I am now confident I will not get any response and be out 74 $.

I will never use this website ever again. :?

to Lude Norfolk, Virginia, United States #600329

I ordered an item on 1/7/2013 $367.05 received nothing one phone is disconnected the other no one will answer they will not answer emails big ripoff

to Lude Kissimmee, Florida, United States #611509

Im sorry you guys had these experiences but I placed an order with them on the 15th of this month and received EXACTLY what I ordered in perfect as described order and today is 2/19/2013 and I live in Florida.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #590140

I ordered an item from them in November of 2012..it is now January 6, 2013..no package, no refund. I have tried to call repeatedly and no one will answer the phone. I have E-mailed..and after sending SEVERAL E-mails, they responded with this:


Your order was already delivered. Please go outside and open your mailbox. Thank you.


Customer Support, Blade Empire Corporation



I WILL NEVER do business with Blade Empire again. They did not deliver the goods, they refuse to give me a refund, and they refuse to let me talk to a manager. They RIPPED ME OFF.


I've been super polite and they told me it would be "delivered by your mailman by Tuesday"... that was two weeks ago.

A package shipped from AZ to OR should not take a full month to get.

I called my bank to see if I can contest the charge since the items were not delivered and I paid with a visa. They are going to get me a new card and I should get my money back.


same happened to me here is what u guys can do go to your bank if bank card used and u will get your money back if not contact credit card company. i am going to report them to the proper people and get them shut down. i advise u all do the same we cant let this god and just take it up the ***.


Fake company, no doubt about it. I ordered a knife back in September.

I received an invoice, and waited a few days for the tracking info. None came, so I sent an email about the order status. I received a response telling me to expect it to arrive by the weekend. So I waited...

nothing came. I sent a second email (about two weeks or so later) and third email (this past week), pasting a copy of the invoice to the third email. I received no response to either email. I then made several attempts to contact them via phone, but no one answered.

I then sent a fourth email, saying that I was disgusted with the company, with customer service and order fulfillment, and got a response saying that the order did not exist and I was using bogus information, even though my credit card was charged... I sent an email back chewing out the rep for calling me a liar, backing up my claims with the invoice they sent. I have not heard a response since.

I'm now mad enough to get the cops. :(


ripe off , scamers that is how i would describe them , i placed an order on line on 9/19/12 never recived it , tried to call answer machine pick up , i send emails got one respond from tatyana saying in transit never got it . advise do not order any thing from web site .


Same here. Emailed them 2 weeks after I ordered to say it didn't arrive and got an email from Tatyana saying it would be there on Thursday.

A month later, it still hasn't arrived and they aren't replying to my emails.

Having to cancel the charge with my credit card company. Don't order from this place.


I got the exact same email word for word on mine too, stating Thursday! From Tatyanna


The same thing happened to me. It's been 6 weeks and I finally got an email saying they had been sold out (after calling over and over again and sending numerous emails), and that my product was in transit. Still waiting a week later.


I also have ordered from them...several phone calls...and e-mails...place an order for my son's for a firefighter knife...ya know..to help save lives...placed the order on July 12, 2012...received the order confirmation and will be shipped....this is who I received the e-mail from and the informationHello,

Your order is in transit and shipped with the regular post office. You

should receive it from your mailman in your mailbox around Thursday.

Thank you.


Customer Support, Blade Empire Corporation




On 7/22/2012 3:22 PM, mvpfaff@comcast.net wrote:

> I would like to know where my order is...there is no way to track this

> order...I never received a tracking number...please let me know where

> it is...thank you

> Valerie Pfaff




paid by debit...have asked politely for a month. Nothing.

No credit no reply and no product.

13 times and counting. Horrible.


Nasty emails and no product


This place is terrible. I ordered a blow gun the 27th of April and still have not received my order.

The emailed me back one time and said my order was on the way but still hasn't showed up over a week later. Find some where else to order from.

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