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It has now been 30 days since the company has responded to me. I have filed with the BBB, filed for a investigation with the FTC, Opened a case for theft with the Arizona prosecutor, and filed for fraud investigation with my credit card company.

The company has ignored all forms of contact. This company is nothing but a den of thieves and frauds. Do not do business with this company. They will take your money and try to pawn off second rate products on you hoping you will say nothing.

The web site might look sharp and you might feel that you are deal with a company that is professional. It is anything but. Beware and hope you do not have to deal with what I have from this company.

This company needs to be shut down, fined, and the owner imprisoned. I pray no one else buys from these people.

Original review posted by user Mar 19, 2012

Ordered a knife, never got it. 23 days to get something done. shipped cheaper knife thinking I was not going to notice it wasn't the one I ordered, $33.00 cheaper. Threatening, insulting, rude. Why, because I reported his fraud to BBB, FTC, Credit card company. Sorry about the language. They call themselves professionals? This is a company to avoid. Let me show you the responses I was given because they did not ship me the knife I paid for. These response came after I told him I wanted a refund on 13 Mar, and reported him to my credit card company, and told him he was fraudulent. On the 14 Mar he finally shipped a knife, a cheaper version of one I was suppose to get. Look at his own words:

"The post office is not always 100% on time and can sometimes take an extra day or two. Delivered, US Mail tracking # ??????

F???? ***. You are a joke punk a?? ***. Little man. Little clown. Call us mother f??? fraud and thieves?? No, we are just rude and crude and in your f???? face. We have more power and resources than what you can possible imagine, more lawyers, more business and government contracts and contacts, you have no idea which Russian family you are threatening, Mr. ??? on Michigan Street ..."

"No, it is not our normal delivery time, most orders are delivered within 3 to 8 days. Ponyal?? Unfortunately sometimes the SOG knives are slow sellers and we special order those, and that is what took so long on your particular order because you purchased the Seal Team Elite which was not in stock. I will not humor you anymore with replies, consider yourself ignored from here on out, because quite frankly if we WERE thieves or frauds, we would have been put out of business a long time ago. And that is reality. You can humor yourself and call us whatever you want, that doesn't change reality. We don't have to do s???, and no, we don't have authorities breathing down our necks. The only thing we are guilty of is being rude to some ***, and the last time I checked - that is not a crime. We have over 3 million International orders in a year, and if you want to say that you see 25 complaints on the BBB, what percentage of complaints is that??? Where is there a service on the internet that shows all the praise and positive testimonials of a website instead of just the complaints?? There is none! You have no idea of the tons of positive cheerful feedback that we get. If you want to talk numbers and math, you have no comprehension of global business enterprise. And you are obviously not a business lawyer. You are obviously have no clue what an IBC International Business Corporation is. I am very busy now, I will not reply to you anymore, you are a complete waste of time now. Заткнись, иди на хуй. F??? you, and have a great weekend, otebis ***.......................... "

"No, our company has an F rating because we don't reply to the BBB reports anymore, because they have deleted our replies on cases several times, which we think is unfair and 1-sided. And we are not fraud, period, you can kiss our a??, mother f??????..."

"It doesn't matter what you say or what you do or what your American government does. We are in Ukraine, if you don't believe me just check my IP, and we have been in business since 1995, and we ship worldwide to 6 continents, and we DID ship your order and as stated earlier it will be delivered today. Your threats are impotent, you are a rude jack a??, because we are not fraud, we do deliver the products, period, end of story. You can keep talking your mouth, because nothing is going to change the reality that we ship and deliver products. And we won't kiss your a??, and we will get personal and defensive when you want to accuse of of f???? fraud, you piece of s???..."

Now ask yourself, Do I want to buy from this company?

Monetary Loss: $133.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #631967

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! They do not send your item!!

They do not return calls or emails.

It is a total scam site!! :(

Sacramento, California, United States #629802

I ordered a knife off this website for my dad as a present for him

And still is waiting for it. They give 2 different phone numbers on

The website and both dont work. Why wouldnt a business answer

The phone during business hours. So I did some more research and

Realized its a scam. And now im seeing there in the Ukraine?! On the

Website it says they are in Arizona. What the *** man. *** ***.


i ordered 3 sets of brass knuckles on july 12 and still havent received anything i sent them 2 emails and called once before i got pissed off and cussed them out telling them i want to know where my product is or when i will get it their response was take the *** out of your mouth, mother ***... so i responded saying pretty legitimate business your running isnt it?? i think its funny that i have to swear at you to get any response and thats the one i get

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