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I asked repeatedely for a refund for my product that was never shipped. The woman kept telling me that the transaction never went through and I emailed the statement on my bank account showing that it did. I then asked why I couldn't get my refund and I never got a response email. I emailed again a few days later and heard nothing back. Then I emailed again show the bank statement and this is what she said :

There was no refund because you were NOT charged!!! I have already explained this to you. You already wrote us before and I already told you before. Nothing has changed. I told you that there was a temporary pre-authorization, but that did NOT go through. I can't help you anymore. You are more than welcome to call your bank and confirm that the charge was not made, it expired and dropped off.

I then had to call my bank and go through fraudulent transactions and they finally fixed the problem for me and told me that I WAS charged. Customer service for Blade Empire was very rude and did not want to help me. They refused to give me a refund for a product that was canceled.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Ya that's their GREAT customer service, re-read what they say about their customers on their web page, you'll get a good laugh.

As someone else mentioned on here, don't expect much from that junkie of a business owner and his 7th grade educated staff (probably ex prostitutes and strippers that hit the pipe). I would like to meet this a-hole's ***-bag parents so I can slap them for producing a jr dirt-bag

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