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This is an update to my original complaint against blade empire. Well its now been 2 months since I ordered from blade empire and still haven't received or heard anything from the company.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau and got them involved but that wasn't any help. I just received an Email from BBB stating they sent the complaint to Blade Empire but they failed to respond to them also so after 1 month of BBB waiting for their response I was told they could no longer assist me in getting my refund but that they would show a negative review for Blade Empire.

Well alot of good that does me. Im beyond pissed!

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #587564

this is a bullsh** company. ordered a set of three throwing stars on november 14th it is now december 30th and still nothing.

I've tried emailing and calling the company but never received any response. nobody even answers the phone. after seeing all the other pissed off customers posts its clear to me that this is a scam company. they know exactly what they're doing.

its amazing that these people can get away with this sh**. personally i think there should be an investigation and charges should be brought up. some thief out there is making a killing ripping off all these people and just shutting the site down is not doing justice with respect to the federal crimes being committed. apparently our law enforcement agencies would rather chase down kids shoplifting from walmart than arrest and prosecute real criminals operating freely causing serious drain on society.

there is just no recourse for people being conned by these companies and blade empire is just one of many. I've definitely learned from this experience. do your research, only deal with companies that have impeccable reputations and take web design classes at your local community college, then you can create your own website that sells anything there is a demand for.

it doesn't matter that you don't have any product to ship you simply tell customers their order will come 6-8 weeks after they give you their debit card info. don't worry about actually sending any products since apparently its too much for lazy *** donut stuffing law enforcement to bother tracking you down or prosecute you and by the time people catch on and your site is shut down you'll already have made thousands.

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